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Dario Calvaruso is Director at Holistic Wellness (Ltd.), Founder and Conceiver of the Navakaraṇa Vinyāsa method, Consultant and Senior Yoga Teacher at PURE Yoga Hong Kong. Calvaruso travelled through India, Nepal, Pakistan, Tibet and Bangladesh for years to learn yoga in the most authentic tradition. What started as a journey of self-discovery became a lifestyle that others are inspired to follow.

Originally from Italy, Dario left his motherland and family at a very young age to embark on a journey of self-discovery and study of Yoga and Āyurveda in India which lasted over 15 years. His first destination was Kāśi – The City Of Light (Benares, India). During this time, he studied Sanskrit, Philosophy and Āyurveda with local pandits and only later was initiated to the the practice of Tantric techniques of Yoga and Kriyā by Pandit Om Prakāśa. On a very auspicious day, while having a bath at the Ganges in Benares, Dario met his master Swami Jñānānanda Bharati, who took him in his āśrama at Gangotri, the source of the Holy River Ganges, in the Himalayas (about 4,000 m altitude). Dario lived with his master and learnt yoga from him in the most orthodox tradition (guru-śiṣya paraṃparām); a quite unique experience especially for a westerner.

As advised by his master, Dario started a journey throughout the Indian Subcontinent where he met masters of different lineages. He lived with sufis in Pakistan and studied with yogis of the śiva-siddhānta and vaiṣṇava tradition in Tamil Nadu. During the 5 years he spent in Tamil Nadu Dario studied and practiced Karaṇas (the Art of Movement) and Bharataṇāṭyam (Indian Classical Dance) with Nāṭyācārya Vṛnda Rāmanan (Trichy), Yoga Darśana (Yoga philosophy) with Prof. Śrī Rangasvāmi Sourirājan of the Śrīrangam Veda Pāṭha-Śāla and Sanskrit with Prof. Śrī Rangasvāmi Tirunārāyaṇan. In 2007 he started his own yoga āśrama and holistic centre at Srirangam (India), a city-temple and small island in the river Kaveri. At this time, besides running the āśrama, Dario completed his academic studies in Yoga, Psychology, Counselling and Philosophy. After finishing his academic studies he started conducting courses and workshops on Yoga and Āyurveda in Europe and Asia and finally reached Hong Kong in October 2011. Dario is presently completing his Ph.D Course on Yoga and Alternative Medicine.

Founder and conceiver of the Navakaraṇa Vinyāsa™ method, Dario teaches using a systematic methodology. He provides very concise instructions to facilitate a harmonious flow, rhythmic breathing, concentration and mental clarity. His classes are led in traditional Sanskrit terminology, truly original, challenging and energetic. He offers the possibility to personalise the practice according to students’ current level to  unfold progressively their potential.

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