Navakaraṇa Teacher Training Programme Module 1 ~ 29th March – 8th May ~ Pure Yoga AST [Hong Kong].

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Teacher Training ~ Guangzhou December 2017

Dario Calvaruso – Hong Kong Events 2018

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Navakaraṇa Teacher Training [Asia – Autumn 2017]

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Navakaraṇa Vinyāsa Events – Asia Second Semester 2017

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Navakaraṇa Summer in Mongolia [2017]

Mongolian Summer with Navakaraṇa

This summer we are planning a Teacher Training at Ulāmbātar, followed by immersion classes in the blooming nature  and a retreat in the Desert!

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Navakaraṇa Events – Spring and Summer 2017

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Navakaraṇa Śikṣā Paddhati – Teaching Skills – Teacher Training Programme 2017 [Hong Kong]

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Navakaraṇa Teaching Skills – Teacher Training Programme 15~27th May and 4~16th September 2017 Pure Yoga [Hong Kong]

Dario Calvaruso – Navakaraṇa Śikṣā Paddhati
Teaching Skills – Teacher Training Programme

An In-depth In The Art of Teaching
Part 1 [108hr]: 15~27th May 2017
Part 2 [108hr]: 4~16th September 2017
Pure Yoga – Asia Standard Tower – Hong Kong

A unique programme including:

[Phonetics, Scripts, Transliterations and Terminology]
[Study of Movements, Choreography and Sequencing]
[Body Measurement, Proportion, Indicia]
[Adjustment Progression, Assisted Stretch, Contortion Techniques]
Diet and Lifestyle
Daily routine, Personalised Ritualism, Holistic Nutrition, Cleanses]
Body Language and Voice
[posture, laya, timbre, tone, tunes]
Computer Skills for Teaching
[Social Medias Do-and-donts, Basics Computer Skills]


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The Essentials Of Navakaraṇa Vinyāsa 108hr Teacher Training Programme 24th April~7th May 2016 – Shanghai [China]


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Navakaraṇa Vinyāsa Programme with Dario Calvaruso at Korea Yoga College – Seoul


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Navakaraṇa TTP-1 at Korea Yoga College 4th ~ 6th November 2016 Seoul [South Korea]

Immersion Weekend Programme at Korea Yoga College

Dario Calvaruso Navakaraṇa Vinyāsa 

Part 1: 4th -6th November 2016


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Āyurveda Maulika Siddhānta – Shanghai



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The Essentials of Teaching with Dario Calvaruso ~ Ulān Bātor, Mongolia [Нэр: Dario Calvaruso – ын хичээл заах дадлага]

108-hr Accredited Teacher Training Programme at Subudi (Ulān Bātor, Mongolia)

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Navakarṇa Vinyāsa Mālā 108hr Teacher Training Programme ~ HK 2016


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108hr Navakaraṇa Vinyāsa Mālā in Taipei (Taiwan) April 2016

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108-hr Practical Accredited Teacher Training Programme – Studio Joye42 Guangzhou ~ China



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108hr (accredited) Intensive Practical Teacher Training Program ~ Navakaraṇa Vinyāsa



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